Brew to Share #006

I sit down with one of the great guys in the local NYC beer scene and the co-owner of my LHBS Bitter & Esters, John LaPolla. John is a key figure that has given a lot of inspiration to me and many of my fellow brewers. He instills the sense of community that makes the local NYC scene so great. In this episode, we talk about community, beer dripping from the ceiling of America's oldest brewery, and the event we are organizing together; the NYC Brewers Pro-Am.

The Pro-Am features one-of-a-kind collaboration beers with local homebrewers and local professional breweries Finback, Greenpoint Beer and Ale Co., Other Half, Rockaway, and Sixpoint. 

Since we forgot to mention it on the podcast, tickets are still available for both sessions the Pro-Am on June 27, 2015 at