The BJCP Project

Today, the professional brewery Brew Dog scaled all of their recipes for your average homebrew system and released them online. It's such a super cool thing, particularly for fans of their beer and is another new resource that every homebrewer can use. They did this free of charge. It is just another example of the inclusiveness of this community. So, with that as inspiration, I've decided to begin sharing more recipes. 

Friends of mine will tell you that for some time I've been meaning to write and release a recipe for every style in the BJCP Style Guidelines. I'm about half-way through writing and brewing these recipes and have enough of a head start at this point that I am going to begin publicly sharing my recipes now. 

I waited to do this until after the guidelines were finalized and when I felt I had a firm grasp of what those changes were. I finally got the opportunity to judge using the 2015 revisions and I feel it's the right time to roll this out publicly. 

A few notes on the format: 

1. Whenever I brew, I make a yeast starter and I use the Mr. Malty yeast calculator. 

2. I've chosen malts that are readily available to me at my LHBS. You may have access to different malts.

3. These recipes are only meant to be a resource and a jumping off point for your own brewing. Feel free to adjust any of these ingredients to suit the profile of your intended beer. 

4. These are all-grain recipes. I've been an all-grain brewer since batch #4. If you want one of these recipes in extract form, just email me and I'll do the conversion or point you in the right direction to a calculator. 

5. I'll be releasing all of these recipes over the next few months and I'll be going in numerical order.  Have patience ye olde fans of Belgian Dark Strong beers.

So, my recipes can be found here and I'll have frequent updates in the coming months.

Take a look and let me know what you think!